How to Change Icon in APK 2024

How to Change Icon in APK 2024

Introduction How to Change Icon in APK 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide to changing your APK experience. How to Change Icon in APK 2024. In the tech-savvy age, personalization is important, and what better way to start than improving the quality of your Android app? This comprehensive guide will demystify the process, allowing you to easily replace preset icons with icons that suit your style. Follow our step-by-step instructions to unleash your creativity and make your setup truly your own. APK icon changes in 2024 embrace the future of identity!

How to Change Icon in APK 2024 : How to Understand APK Archives

Before moving on to the process, let’s briefly understand what an How to Change Icon in APK 2024 archive is. APK is a package of Android files used for distribution and development of applications. It contains all the information, resources and metadata necessary to install and run the application on an Android device.

How to Change Icon in APK 2024

How to Change Icon in APK 2024 : Prepare for Icon Change

First, make sure you have access to the How to Change Icon in APK 2024 you need. Make a backup of the original APK in case something goes wrong during the process. We also recommend that you work on a copy of the How to Change Icon in APK 2024 and leave it in its original state.

Find or create a new icon

Now comes the fun part; Find or create a new icon for your APK. You can search for icon resources online or use a graphic design tool to create an icon from scratch. Make sure the new icon is formatted correctly and meets the requirements.

Rename Icon File

To How to Change Icon in APK 2024 you need to rename the APK package. Extract the APK using Archive Extractor and find the archive icon. They are usually named “ic_launcher.png” or similar. To preserve the original file, rename the existing file and name the new drawing exactly the same as the original file.

Replacing icons in APK

Once the icon renaming file is ready, you can replace the original icon with the old version in the How to Change Icon in APK 2024. Use the same extraction file to navigate to the drawing’s location, then simply drag and drop the new file. To avoid visual issues, make sure the new image has the same dimensions as the old image.

Test the APK

Save the APK after changing the text icon. Now open the app to see the new icon displayed. If everything looks good, congratulations; You changed the icon in your APK!

Troubleshooting tips

Having problems? If the new icon does not appear, check both the name and length of the file. Also make sure you follow all the steps correctly. If problems occur, try repeating the process or using another extraction file.

Advanced Customization Options

While changing your app icon is a simple customization, there are other ways to further customize your APK. You can search for app names, colors, and even the entire user interface to suit your preferences.

Back up your original APK

Be sure to back up the original version before making any changes to your APK.


Customizing How to Change Icon in APK 2024 allows you to express your ideas and make your app unique. With the step-by-step instructions provided, you can safely change your app icon on Android without any problems. Don’t forget to backup your original APK to enjoy a personalized experience with your new app!


1. Does changing the icon in the APK affect the performance of the app?
No, changing the icon will not affect the functionality of the application. This is a cosmetic change that only changes the visual presentation, providing a personal touch that does not affect functionality or function.

2. Is it possible to go back to the original icon after changing it?
Of course! You can easily restore the original icon by reversing the same process. Most icon replacement methods are reversible, so you can switch back to the original icon whenever you want.

3. Will changing the APK icon void my device’s warranty?
This change is for cosmetic purposes and does not violate the terms of the product warranty. However, more advanced settings may have different effects.

4. Can I use an image as an APK icon or is there a special code?
You are free to choose almost any image, but it is recommended to use square images for better results.

5. Is there any risk in changing the APK icon?

In general, the risk of changing the APK icon is minimal. But to avoid negative consequences, it is important to use a reputable tool and follow the instructions carefully. Before making any changes, be sure to back up your data to ensure you don’t have any worries.

How to Change Icon in APK 2024

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